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Shape and straight cutting Snips D39ASSL-SB

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Bessey ERDI Shape and straight cutting snips D39ASSL-SB (Left Cuts), Optimised edge shape: No slipping even without serrations, Available in right or left cutting versions

Bessey ERDI Shape and straight cutting snips D39ASSL-SB (Left Cuts)

Product Features

SB = On carded hang pack

L = Left cut design

The D39ASSL-SB Ideal snips are therefore particularly smooth running and extremely wear-resistant.

  • Due to sintered steel insert in the joint area
  • Due to permanent threaded connection of the joint area with stable stud bolt
  • Due to stainless steel panel over the joint for protecting the spring beneath

It is possible to use the complete cutting length with every cut.

  • Due to a significantly reduced handle opening angle

They enable high-precision cutting of curves, also in the tightest of radii and with less risk of scratching the sheet.

  • Due to extremely compact cutter head with partially sunken threaded head connection

Right and left-handed users can lock and unlock the snips with ease, without a change in grip.

  • Due to central positioning of the latch on the top handle


More Information
Weight (kg) 0.50
Blade length B (inch) 1 3/16
Blade length B (mm) 30
Overall length a (inch) 9
Overall length a (mm) 230
Product life expectancy + + +
Sheet thickness (600 N/mm²) (mm) 1.2
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