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Bessey Front frame clamp FRZ12

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Bessey Front frame clamp FRZ12

B Throat Depth: 30mm
F Clamping Force: 2,000 N

Bessey Front frame clamp FRZ12


Just saves time!

Product Features

  • Clamping force up to 2,000N
  • Provides support for all work steps required for connecting cabinets to front frames
  • Clamp both sides thanks to clamping jaws
  • Adjustable pressure jaws and alignment plate for connecting cabinets with a perfect fit
  • Built-in swivelling drill bushing for pre-drilling
  • On carded hang pack


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Fast installation

The front frame clamp is a practical tool for connecting fitted cabinets with an imposed framework while saving time:

  • since all the work steps required for installation can be carried out while clamped - without having to remove or reposition the clamp intermittently


Precise results

The clamp remains in place on the workpiece throughout the entire installation. Work can safely be done step by step:

  • Connect the cabinets with the adjustable pressure jaws via a spindle
  • Compare mismatched depths with the adjustable alignment plate
  • Precisely pre-drill holes for screws with the built-in swivelling drill bushing


Sturdy yet gentle

The front frame clamp is long-lasting and ideally equipped for repetitive use:

  • By using high-quality materials, such as powder-coated aluminium die casting for clamping objects and pressure jaws, and steel for guide rods, spindles, and alignment plate
  • By using felt strips to protect delicate surfaces


Just Saves Time!

The new front frame clamp FRZ from BESSEY makes it much easier to install cabinets with front frames. Because with this special tool, BESSEY has combined the different installation steps involved in kitchen wall and base units with an imposed framework into one simple process. The cabinets can be aligned perfectly using the clamp, and not just by being drawn together.

It also provides support in pre-drilling holes and putting screws in the exact right position. The clamping device isn’t removed until all work has been completed. This helps to prevent the cabinet from accidentally shifting. The work is easy and the result will win you over with its speed and quality. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


Part Code: BESFRZ12

More Information
Weight (kg) 0.72
B - Throat depth (mm) 30
Clamping Force kN (up to) 2,000 N
Clamping depth C (mm) 11
Opening min/max (mm) 80-120
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