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Bessey 4x Telescopic DRYWALL SUPPORT STE300 - 1x Stabila LAX 50G - 1x Bessey STE Laser Holder

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Bessey 4x Telescopic DRYWALL SUPPORT STE300 1700-3000MM

Bessey 4x Telescopic DRYWALL SUPPORT STE300 - 1x Stabila LAX 50G - 1x Bessey STE Laser Holder


Bessey 4x Telescopic DRYWALL SUPPORT STE300 1700-3000MM

Product details

  • Resilient up to a maximum of 350 kg when the telescopic rod is fully retracted
  • Extremely stable construction due to highly durable steel pipes and non-slip PVC contact surfaces
  • Single-handed operation thanks to 2-component plastic handle with pump mechanism
  • Quick-slide button for rapid extension and retraction of the telescopic bar
  • Controllable holding force by turning the support on the grip
  • Application also on slopes due to continuously swivelling contact surfaces from -45° to +45°

Extremely Secure Hold

The support Guarantees a reliable and secure hold:

  • Due to extremely stable construction for up to max 130kg load-bearing capacity
  • Due to rubber PVC contact surfaces top and bottom
  • Due to any slip system integrated into the grip


Quick and secure handling 

  • The support can be precisely set to requirements and quickly and safely released


Versatile in application

Facilitating the positioning and holding of a wide range of materials 

  • 9 x 7 cm base plates with a swivel range of -45° to +45° provide more stable holding



Stabila LAX 50 G Cross Line Laser - 19110

The Stabila LAX 50 G Cross Line Laser is self-levelling for working quickly and directly on the laser lines.

It uses STABILA GREENBEAM technology that has especially bright, fine, green laser lines for optimum visibility which is up to 30% sharper than red lasers up to 30m.

The rotating multipurpose platform allows for flexible positioning on the floor or tripods (1/4in and 5/8in threads), as well as on metal objects with the strong rare earth magnetic system.

Kit includes:

Belt pouch for easy transport and storage

3 x AA batteries

Operating life: Up to 7 hours

Protection class IP53
Class 2 laser
Accuracy ±0.5 mm/m


Laser class 2

Output <1 mW

Laser wavelength 510-530 nm

Self-levelling range +/- 4.50°

Levelling accuracy +/- 0.50 mm/m

Measuring range of visible line 30 m

Operating life 37 h

Battery type AA

Protection class IP 53


Bessey STE Laser Holder

Product details

  • Fixture with 1/4" threaded connection for the attachment of tools such as laser,camera, construction light
  • Can be used without tools on round (0-45 mm) and angular (0-55 mm) support parts such as ceiling and assembly supports, profiles, ladders
  • L-shaped rotating fixture with 2 rotation axes: 360° next to fixing clamp, 180° at threaded connection
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