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Bessey GK GearKlamp and FRZ Front frame clamp BENCH BUSTER Quad Deal - 20 Clamps Zoom

Bessey GearKlamp 4x GK15 4x GK30 4x GK45 4x GK60 and 4x FRZ12 Front frame clamp - BENCH BUSTER Quad Deal


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Bessey GK GearKlamp and FRZ Front frame clamp BENCH BUSTER Quad Deal

4 x FRZ12 Front frame Clamps

4 x GK15 GearKlamp Clamps

4 x GK30 GearKlamp Clamps

4 x GK45 GearKlamp Clamps

4 x GK60 GearKlamp Clamps

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Product Description

    Bessey GK GearKlamp and FRZ Front frame clamp BENCH BUSTER Quad Deal - 20 Clamps

    • 4 x FRZ12 Front frame Clamps
    • 4 x GK15 GearKlamp Clamps
    • 4 x GK30 GearKlamp Clamps
    • 4 x GK45 GearKlamp Clamps
    • 4 x GK60 GearKlamp Clamps

    Front frame clamp FRZ Product Features

    • Clamping force up to 2,000N
    • Provides support for all work steps required for connecting cabinets to front frames
    • Clamp both sides thanks to clamping jaws
    • Adjustable pressure jaws and alignment plate for connecting cabinets with a perfect fit
    • Built-in swivelling drill bushing for pre-drilling
    • On carded hang pack


    • Opening A: 80-120 mm
    • Throat depth B: 30 mm
    • Weight approx.: 0.72 kg


     GearKlamp GK transmission clamp Product Features

    • Clamping force up to 2,000N
    • High-quality two-component plastic handle positioned around the rail, so clamp can be used in tight spaces
    • Easy-to-move trapezoidal thread spindle with swivelling pressure plate
    • Quick-release shift button to quickly adjust sliding bar
    • On carded hang pack


    • Opening A: 150 mm
    • Throat depth B: 60 mm
    • Rail section width: 25 mm
    • Rail section thickness: 12 mm



    Front frame clamp FRZ Release Information.

    Fast installation

    The front frame clamp is a practical tool for connecting fitted cabinets with an imposed framework while saving time:

    • since all the work steps required for installation can be carried out while clamped – without having to remove or reposition the clamp intermittently


    Precise results

    The clamp remains in place on the workpiece throughout the entire installation. Work can safely be done step by step:

    • Connect the cabinets with the adjustable pressure jaws via a spindle
    • Compare mismatched depths with the adjustable alignment plate
    • Precisely pre-drill holes for screws with the built-in swivelling drill bushing


    Sturdy yet gentle

    The front frame clamp is long-lasting and ideally equipped for repetitive use:

    • By using high-quality materials, such as powder-coated aluminium die casting for clamping objects and pressure jaws, and steel for guide rods, spindles, and alignment plate
    • By using felt strips to protect delicate surfaces


    Just Saves Time!

    The new front frame clamp FRZ from BESSEY makes it much easier to install cabinets with front frames. Because with this special tool, BESSEY has combined the different installation steps involved in kitchen wall and base units with an imposed framework into one simple process. The cabinets can be aligned perfectly using the clamp, and not just by being drawn together.

    It also provides support in pre-drilling holes and putting screws in the exact right position. The clamping device isn’t removed until all work has been completed. This helps to prevent the cabinet from accidentally shifting. The work is easy and the result will win you over with its speed and quality. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


    GearKlamp GK transmission clamp Release Information.

    Unique compact design

    The GearKlamp is extremely flexible and can even be used in the tightest of spatial conditions:

    • due to the patented mechanism that separates the handle
    • from the spindle and positions it around the rail due to the crossed v-grooves on the upper section for securely holding round, pointed and angular components


    Ergonomic use

    The clamp contains all kinds of clamping technology savvy and guarantees the user extra comfort:

    • due to the high-quality two-component plastic handle for safe handling
    • due to the quick-release shift button for quickly adjusting the sliding bar
    • due to the swivelling pressure plate for exact alignment of the workpiece


    Robust technology

    Meeting the BESSEY quality promise was a focus in development, and so the transmission clamp is also a winning choice in terms of durability:

    • due to the use of high-quality materials, such as fibreglass-reinforced polyamide for the top and bottom, as well as hardened, tempered, and burnished steel for the profiled rails
    • due to the sliding bar’s plastic housing, the driving mechanism is protected from dust and splintering


    Make the impossible possible!

    With the new GearKlamp from BESSEY, you get a solution for conveniently clamping work even in the tightest spaces. To do this, BESSEY separated the handle from the spindle and positioned it around the rail. The GearKlamps force is transferred due to the internal gear mechanism concealed in the sliding jaw.

    The new GearKlamps design is much more compact in comparison to classic screw clamps, lever clamps and one-handed clamps, which gives the user key advantages: For one thing, there are no disruptive tool components in the work area for the mechanic to run into and thus damage the workpiece or even injure themselves. Ergonomic handling is guaranteed in every clamping situation.The result is not having to twist your hand and be more comfortable when working.

    Try it out – you’ll be thrilled!





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