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Bessey Cutting Tools


  • All-Round Snips

    Shape and straight cutting snips Set

    Small, strong, manoeuvrable and always ready-to-hand

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  • Aviation Snips

    Aviation snips

    The classic for fine sheet metal work

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  • Compound Leverage Snips

    Shape and straight cutting snips

    Higher quality work with less effort

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  • Folding Locking Utility Knives

    jack-knife with ABS comfort handle

    Razor sharp cuts

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  • High-Performance Snips with HSS Edges

    Shape and straight cutting snips HSS

    Made from the best grade steel with case hardened HSS cutting edges

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  • Household & Multi-Purpose Shears

    Multi-purpose shears

    Now cut like professionals

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  • Jewellers’ & Thin Sheet Snips

    Jewellers' snips

    Wide variety of styles for precision cutting of thin metals!

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  • Multi-Purpose Cutters

    Angled combi snips

    Multi purpose at home, kitchen gadget drawer

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  • Multitool


    Different tools rolled into one

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  • Standard Tin Snips

    Shape cutting punch snips

    Traditional style tin snips - proven, robust and reliable

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  • Steel Strap Cutters

    Safety strap cutter with compound leverage

    One-handed cutting of strong steel straps

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  • The Latest Generation of Leverage Snips

    Shape and straight cutting snips

    Robust technology and an ergonomic design

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  • Tools for Sheet Metal Work & Plumbing

    Seaming and clinching pliers

    Special tools for specialists

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