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Door Frame Assembly Tools


  • Angle Door Frame Straightening Clamp WTR

    Angle door frame straightening clamp

    For mounting at a precise 90° angle

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  • Door Frame Assembly Device TMS

    Door frame assembly device TMS

    Tool for door frame assembly, Light-weight design

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  • Door frame brace extension TUX

    Door frame brace extension

    Accessories to increase the opening width of the TU door frame brace

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  • Door Frame Clamp Set TU-TRAGE

    Door frame clamp set

    Now in a bag, Contents: 6 pieces TU

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  • Door Frame Clamp TU

    Door frame clamp TU

    With removeable brackets, Tool for door frame assembly

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  • Sash Clamps TAN With I-Profile 80 X 42 X 3.9 mm

    Sash clamps TAN80

    Crank handle, Clamping force up to 24,000 N

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  • Sash Clamps TB with T-Profile 40 X 40 X 5 mm

    Sash clamps TB 1000

    Tommy bar, Clamping force up to 14,000 N

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