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Bessey Clamping Tools for Woodwork


  • All-Steel Screw Clamps

    Bessey All-steel screw clamp classiX

    Clamp resiliently, elastically and powerful

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  • Angle & Mitre Clamps

    Bessey Angle clamps

    Clamping workpieces of different thicknesses

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  • Band Clamps

    Bessey Band clamps

    Clamping frames and curves

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  • Body Clamps & Area Pressure Clamps

    Bessey Area pressure clamp

    Large-area clamping and spreading

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  • Clamping Elements for Workbenches

    Bessey Clamping element for welding tables

    for workbenches with a 3/4 inch hole system

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  • Door Frame Assembly Tools

    Bessey Door frame clamp

    A modern technique of assembling door frames

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  • Edge Clamps

    Bessey Edge clamp

    For all edge clamping needs

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  • Lever Clamps

    Bessey Lever clamps

    Clamping with leverage – speed, safety and strength

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  • Lightweight Clamps

    Lightweight KliKlamp

    Perfect for light to medium clamping pressures

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  • Malleable Cast Iron Screw Clamps

    Malleable cast iron screw clamp

    Powerful, rigid clamps, the classic screw clamps dating back to 1936

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  • One-Handed Clamps

    One-handed clamp EHZ30

    Perfect for all work that needs to be carried out with one hand

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  • Panel Carrier

    Bessey Panel carriers

    For the safe lifting and carrying of panels

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  • Pipe Clamping Set

    Pipe clamping set BPC

    Infinitely-adjustable clamping width

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  • Rafter Clamps

    Rafter clamp SPZ60K

    For all roofing and timber frame constructions

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  • Seaming Tools

    Seaming tool. big and strong PS130

    For clamping & positioning large & potentially heavy components with a smooth surface

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  • Screw Clamps

    Mini Vice

    Perfect for parallel clamping or clamping at an angle

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  • Special Flooring Tools

    Bessey Flooring clamp PVZ

    For laying parquet, laminated and panel flooring

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  • Spring Clamps

    Bessey Clippix Clamp Clips

    For flexible, featherlight clamping

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  • Table Clamps

    All Steel Table Clamp GTR

    For fastening of guide rails and clamping in profiles

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  • Toggle Clamps

    Push/Pull Toggle Clamp with Horizontal Base Plate

    Clamping work pieces of differing heights quickly

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  • U-Shaped Clamps

    U-shaped all-steel screw clamps

    U-shaped fixed arm for step-over clamping with no need for spacers

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  • Variable Screw Clamps

    GSV Complete set

    Flexible with large clamping widths

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  • Window Assembly Tools

    Window installation clamp

    Rapid, precise straightening and fixing of window frames

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