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Bessey Clamping Tools for Metalwork


  • All-Steel Screw Clamps

    Bessey All-steel screw clamp GZ10-2K 100/60

    Clamps that are resilient, elastic and powerful

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  • C-Clamps

    Bessey C-clamps

    Clamping using the original screw clamp shape

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  • Clamping Devices

    Bessey Devices and attachments

    For round, oval and angular workpieces

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  • Clamping Elements for Welding Tables

    Bessey Clamping element for welding tables

    For welding tables

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  • Claw Clamps

    Bessey Claw clamps

    For welding and assembly work in poorly accessible places

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  • Earth (Ground) Clamps

    Bessey Earth (ground) clamp

    Earthing using earth (ground) clamps

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  • Grip Pliers

    Bessey Parallel grip clamp

    Firm clamping in one movement, constant clamping press

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  • High-Performance Clamps

    Bessey Fitters' clamp SL20M

    With high clamping force for large throat

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  • KombiKlamp

    Bessey KombiKlamp SG30VAD

    Clamping and spreading of round, oval and angled workpieces

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  • Lever Clamps

    Bessey Lever clamp classiX GSH

    Clamping speed, saftety and strength with leverage

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  • Machine Table Clamps

    Bessey Hold down table clamp

    With extra-high clamping pressure

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  • Metal Angle Clamps

    Bessey Welders' angle clamps

    Welders’ Angle Clamps WSM

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  • Toggle Clamps

    Bessey Horizontal Toggle Clamp with open arm & Angled Base Plate

    Clamping work pieces of differing heights quickly

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  • U-Shaped Clamps

    Bessey U-shapep high-performance clamp

    Step-over clamping without spacers and extensions

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  • Variable Screw Clamps

    Bessey SLV Complete sets

    Flexible with large clamping widths

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