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Clamping Elements


  • Attachment TW28HO

    Bessey Attachment TW28HO

    Accessory's for BESSEY machine table clamps

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  • Extension Poles for Welding Tables TWX

    Bessey Extension Pole for Welding Tables

    Accessory's for BESSEY toggle clamps

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  • Tilting Adapter TW28AV

    Bessey Tilting Adaptor TW28AV

    Accessory's for BESSEY extension TW28

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  • Toggle Clamp Adapters TWA-STC

    Bessey Toggle clamp Welding Table Adapters

    Table Adapter for BESSEY toggle clamps

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  • Vario Table Clamping Attachment TWVAD

    Bessey Vario table clamping attachments

    Specifically adapted to round, oval and square workpieces

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  • Bessey Workbench adapter TW16AW

    Workbench Adapter TW16AW

    Accessory's for BESSEY TWV and TW clamping elements with 16 hole system

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